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My son is currently attending this lovely, educational and well rounded nursery. I have seen my son progress in so many areas. The nursery manager and staff team care for the children really well. I am impressed with the service I receive. The manager is very involved and approachable and takes feedback warmly. The child have the opportunity to go to the local library and park. I highly recommend this nursery and can say that it is great value for money. - Sherimar, April 2014

I have had the pleasure of both my children attending this lovely, educational and well rounded nursery from its start. I have a girl and boy and have seen my children grow to be confident, caring and thoughtful. The nursery manages to recruit and retain fantastic staff that offer the children a warm attitude and can add to their cultural experience's. They are able to identify children's weaknesses and work towards addressing these and develop their learning and social skills with a variety of learning tools. The manager is very involved and approachable and takes feedback warmly. The day trips to the local high street are interactive and enjoyed by the children. I highly recommend this nursery and can say that it is great value for money. - Kemila Goppy, April 2013

This nursery is clean, well run and provides excellent meals. Both my sons have attended this nursery and the staff here have been attentive, warm and loving to both. I have always felt at ease with management and staff to voice any concerns about my sons development (especially son 1 as he has a speech delay) and they have always listened, reassured and given me honest advice. The pre-school rooms provide an excellent basis for a child before they go to 'big school'. But the biggest indication to me that Star Child is doing an excellent job is seeing my 2 year old excitedly run to the nursery gates without a care in the world. - Amanda Attrall, March 2013

My child was 11 months old when he joined Starchild Montessori, he has the privelege to be the first child to join there as the Montessori had just started. He is seven years old now and I am extremely happy for him to be there. When he started big school from the Montessori, he came out a very confident child, with an independant mind and a friendly disposition. The Montessroi proprietor Minaz is very mature, friendly and a through professional. She constantly supervises her staff and the running of the various classes. She is very approachable, listens to any concerns you have and keeps you updated with your child's progress. The staff are very polite, friendly and always with a smile. It just brightens up my day when I go to leave my child in the morning; ( my child now attends the Holiday Club there ) and am greeted with a smile and a good morning and they also will welcome your child with his name. The nursery itself is very clean, airy and lots of natural daylight coming in the classrooms. They have a reading corner and also have various activities plus French and Music lessons. I would recommend this Montessori and Holiday Club to every parent. - Priyanka Clarke, September 2011

I have nothing but praise for Star Child Montessori Day Nursery and its staff. The teaching methods are implemented in such a way that the children enjoy learning. This has defintely allowed my son to become very vocal in his opinions (LOL!) confident and be aware of other people and the world around him. Thank you for setting the foundation for my son.